Intermap Technologies® provides 3D terrain information to enable commercial enterprises and government agencies to make better terrain-based decisions. They are committed to helping geospatial professionals from all industries leverage their products and services so they can increase productivity and decrease costs.

Superior 3D terrain solutions

Their 3D terrain information enables customers to build a wide variety of innovative geospatial applications and efficiently perform analyses. Industries such as energy, engineering, government, risk management, telecommunications, water resource management, and automotive can benefit from their high-quality products and geospatial services.

The NEXTMap products include readily available, seamless, wide-area, and current 3D terrain data that have been processed and edited to produce accurate data that satisfies your geospatial needs. Intermap’s web services allow you to easily subscribe and access the 3D terrain data you need for your area of interest, when you need it. They also provide comprehensive geospatial services, including custom 3D mapping services, data fusion, and online GIS tools that produce terrain-based answers. Whether your project requires readily available terrain data, easy-to-use online tools, or a custom service, they can help you find a solution.

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