10-12m Grid

SRTM 10m resampled DEM visualisation with VHR imagery overlaid

Mid-resolution DEM examples

Geoimage is able to supply our clients with the WorldDEM 12m product. This is a global dataset, providing complete pole-to-pole coverage of the earth. WorldDEM is a product of the TanDEM-X mission (TanDEM-X/TerraSAR-X), which captured interferometric radar data allowing for accurate DEM datasets. Because the radar is able to penetrate cloud cover, radar DEMs are ideally suited for those target areas that experience high amounts of cloud coverage.

 DEM Grid Resolution 10m
 Territory Global 
 Suitable Area Size >10,000 sq kms 
 Ground Control Required No
 Imagery Supplied No
 Relative Vertical Accuracy Range 2m
 Horizontal Accuracy Range (CE90) 4.0m
 Raster  12m x 12m
 Availability Archive
 Typical Applications
  • Large tenement mineral exploration
  • Regional environmental studies and mapping
  • Military & Civil Aviation
  • Management of oil and gas fields

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