2.0m grid

GeoDEM-2 DSM Terrain Shaded ReliefGeoDEM-2 DSM Terrain Shaded Relief - Kalgoorlie, WAGeoDEM-2 Elevation with contours - Kalgoorlie, WAGeoDEM-2 DSM with Pleiades imagery visualisation

Some examples of DEMs at 2m Resolution

Geoimage is able to provide its clients with 2m DEM products. These datasets are most suited to customers who require an accurate elevation product, but do not require the level of detail of a 1m DEM product.

The 2m DEM products are generated from VHR satellite stereo imagery. These datasets improve the accuracy of processes like image orthorectification. They can also be used within Project Planning/Concept Applications, Hydrological Modelling studies and 3D visualisation.

Stereo Imagery is available from the following VHR Satellites:

  • WorldView-1, 2 and 3
  • GeoEye-1, and
  • Pléiades
 DEM Grid Resolution 2m
 Territory Global 
 Suitable Area Size <5,000 sq kms 
 Ground Control Required No* 
 Imagery Supplied Yes 
 Relative Vertical Accuracy Range Up to 4m** 
 Horizontal Accuracy Range (CE90) Up to 5m 
 Availability Typically new capture required, but some archive may exist
 Typical Applications
  • Large mine site and surrounds
  • Environmental analysis
* Client supplied ground control will improve vertical & horizontal accuracy.
**Geoimage regularly find relative vertical accuracies significantly better than those listed.

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