50cm grid

Kauring, WA - 30cm imagery captured by WorldView-3 - DTMKauring, WA - 30cm imagery with 1m contours derived from a 50cm DTM grid

These DEMs will be available through the latest generation of VHR satellites such as WorldView-3. With the WorldView-3 satellite acquiring stereo data at less than 50cm resolution, DEMs will be available at lower than 1m resolution. The higher resolution DEM products will allow more precise modelling within applications such as Project Planning.

 DEM Grid Resolution 50cm 
 Territory Global 
 Suitable Area Size <2,500 sq kms 
 Ground Control Required No* 
 Imagery Supplied Yes 
 Relative Vertical Accuracy Range Up to 4m** 
 Horizontal Accuracy Range (CE90) 0.5m-5m 
 Availability Typically new capture required 
 Typical Applications
  • Project planning and concept studies
  • Hydrological modeling
* Client supplied ground control will improve vertical & horizontal accuracy.
**Geoimage regularly find relative vertical accuracies significantly better than those listed.

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