10 Jan 2019

On 7 January 2019, DigitalGlobe (a business unit of Maxar Technologies) reported its WorldView-4 satellite experienced a malfunction in its control moment gyros ("CMGs"), preventing the satellite from collecting imagery due to the loss of an axis of stability.

Geoimage (a licensed reseller of DigitalGlobe products) understands efforts are ongoing to restore satellite functionality, however DigitalGlobe believes it is unlikely WorldView-4 will be capable of capturing any further imagery.

Despite this setback the picture is far from doom and gloom. DigitalGlobe operates four state-of-the-art very high resolution satellites, capturing a range of imagery including Panchromatic, 4 band, 8 and 16 band multispectral, and in-track stereo for Digital Elevation Model creation. 

In addition, Geoimage has access to exabytes of historical satellite and remotely sensed data from DigitalGlobe and many other satellite and remote sensing operators. The world in its entirety has been captured literally thousands of times. 


Geoimage works closely with DigitalGlobe, AIRBUS, 21AT, RESTEC, PLANET and more. Our primary focus is to identify the most suitable remote sensing data solution for clients, create job-ready data sets, and provide a range of expert value-added solutions including Multispectral Analysis, Digital Elevation & 3D Models, Vegetation Analysis, and Change Detection services.


  • DigitalGlobe aims to launch six new very high resolution 30cm satellites named WorldView-Legion in 2021
  • Airbus aims to launch four new very high resolution 30cm satellites, which together will form the Pléiades Neo constellation, on schedule for launch in 2020
  • New microsatellites and remote sensing technologies constantly emerging and evolving.


For more than 30 years Geoimage has invested in state-of-the-art software systems. Our expert staff remain at the forefront of industry capabilities, including satellite borne Synthetic Aperture Radar for surface movement monitoring and operations in areas of poor visibility.

2019 will be a fantastic year for remote sensing. There are many ways to view our beautiful planet. Geoimage is looking forward to working with you and the plethora of current and emerging technology applications in the ever-expanding world of remote sensing.

To read Maxar Technologies' press release click here.

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