28 Jun 2019

Improved Analytics - Higher Resolution SWIR

See beyond what’s visible to the naked eye with short-wave infrared (SWIR) imagery. The WorldView-3 satellite's SWIR sensor goes deeper into the infrared spectrum to help remote sensing experts unlock critical information through advanced analytic capabilities. Eight bands of short-wave infrared imagery previously only available at 7.5m pixel resolution, now available at 3.7m resolution, create rich data for categorizing man-made and natural material, penetrating smoke, detecting fire, mapping minerals and more.

3.7m SWIR v. 7.5m SWIR
(Image courtesy of MAXAR)

For Geoimage clients in exploration, this improves the Geoimage WorldView-3 Spectral Suite. The high resolution pixel allows for less ‘mixing’ and a more defined signature - helping clients narrow down likely ore bodies and areas of interest.

There are a number of industries that would benefit from using SWIR data, particularly those businesses that would benefit from object identifications or objective analysis. For example: 

• Farmers looking to increase yields whilst decreasing costs and minimising the environmental impact with precision agriculture and farming practices.

• Insurance companies and loss adjusters who need to identify, detect or verify the existence or condition of assets.

• Local governments can utilise SWIR in identifying different land cover types and for emergency management planning.

The below provides an indication of what's previously been captured over Australia. If you're overseas, or your area isn't highlighted below, contact us and we can let you know whether there is archive data available in your area, or how soon we can task new data for you.

Archive coverage in Australia:
(image courtesy of MAXAR)

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