16 Dec 2020

Geoimage achieves Oceania first with sale of 15cm HD imagery from Maxar

Geoimage is pleased to be recognised as the first reseller in the Southern Hemisphere to provide 15cm HD satellite imagery from Maxar.

The 15cm HD product is created by applying HD technology to 30cm WorldView-3 imagery. This amalgamation of technology and satellite data provides a more detailed image which allows for additional information extraction. 

The image below demonstrates the difference in resolution quality between 30cm and 15cm HD data:

Benefits of 15cm HD:

  • Maxar captures over 680,000km2 of 30cm imagery every day. This means the 15cm HD product can be easily applied to a large quantity of archive and fresh capture imagery.  
  • Imagery cadence will increase with the launch of WorldView Legion in 2021.
  • Currently, this is the highest clarity derived from any commercial satellite imagery.
  • Better clarity for machine learning algorithms to extract more meaningful information.
Geoimage provides clients with the best possible satellite derived solution for their use case. This product is applicable to any clients who require the best possible resolution for their project. Geoimage recently completed the first Oceania project for a local government agency who required 143km2 of 15cm HD data for their project in Queensland, Australia. To learn more about 15cm HD, please contact the Geoimage Team on +61 7 3319 4990 or email

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