09 Mar 2021

Are you interested in Very High Resolution 30cm Satellite Imagery for your 2021/22 project? 

We have you covered!

Geoimage is excited to announce the highly anticipated expansion of Airbus and Maxar's constellations with the launch of Pléiades Neo and WorldView Legion.

Both constellations will capture at 30cm resolution and will significantly increase the current capture cadence. Check out the advantages of each below.

First to launch next month is Pléiades Neo. With each satellite adding half a million km² of 30cm imagery per day to the Airbus catalogue, Pléiades Neo will bring precision, accuracy and new insights for your next project.



Launch date: April 16th 2021

Get ready for lift off! 

We have the latest confirmed updates from our contacts at Airbus, with one of the newest Pléiades Neo satellites set for launch on April 16th 2021.

Pléiades Neo Advantages:

Four new satellites.

Mission lifetime: 10 years 

30cm resolution! Very high-resolution satellite imagery available for commercial use cases.

The Pléiades Neo constellation will allow daily revisits to any point on Earth to capture large scale projects rapidly, with enhanced performance capabilities.

50cm Digital Elevation Models (DEM) with Tri-stereo capability allowing for more accurate DEM production.

The Pléiades Neo satellites will have 6 multispectral bands which is ideal for spectral analysis and machine learning.


Launch date: September 2021

Maxar's WorldView Legion will provide Earth intelligence on a global scale. Part of the constellation is set for launch September this year. 

Stay informed with us for the latest updates.

WorldView Legion Advantages:

- Six new satellites.

Mission lifetime: 10 years

30cm resolution! Very high-resolution satellite imagery available for commercial use cases.

Increased revisit over high interest, middle latitude areas up to 15 times/day.

Triples Maxar's current capacity to collect 30cm imagery.

50cm Digital Elevation Models (DEM) with stereo capability.

Sun synchronous and mid inclination orbits over rapidly changing regions.

The WorldView Legion satellites will have 8 multispectral bands - fantastic for spectral analysis and machine learning.

Geoimage is ready to pre-process Pléiades Neo imagery and provide analysis ready data to you soon after launch. Stay up to date with the latest launch information for Pléiades Neo and WorldView Legion on the Geoimage LinkedIn page and blog.

To find out more about Pléiades Neo and how you can benefit from these new capabilities, call Geoimage on +61 7 3319 4990 or email

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