09 Feb 2015

DigitalGlobe confirmed that on Tuesday 27 January, 2015, after 13 years of excellent performance, QuickBird satellite approached its end of mission smoothly and re-entered the earths' atmosphere above the South Atlantic Ocean near southern Brazil.

QuickBird was on orbit for more than 13 years, far exceeding its designed mission life. The satellite made over 70,000 trips around the Earth, contributing substantially to DigitalGlobe's unmatched imagery catalogue and thus our understanding of our changing planet.

Geoimage will continue to provide QuickBird imagery from their archive as well as taking new collection orders for the other satellites in the DigitalGlobe constellation.

Congratulations QuickBird!  A job well done!

05 Feb 2015

Continuing its strategy of evolving to deliver innovation solutions to clients around Australia, Jensen Bowers Group has acquired Geoimage Pty Ltd. The combination of the two companies and their innovative technologies and services will provide Jensen Bowers Group with a performance capability which no other company can currently match.

The two companies complement each other well in products, service standards, culture and commitment to their communities. This opportunity will now accelarate growth plans for both brands under the umbrella of a single organisation.

For more information, download our Press Release - found under the Media section or click here

Wayne Middleton - new General Manager & Tony Evans - Managing Director

27 Aug 2014

Less than two weeks after the successful launch of its WorldView-3 satellite, DigitalGlobe has released the first images from the satellite, taken of an airport and surrounding areas in Madrid, Spain.

Due to the U.S. Department of Commerce restrictions, DigitalGlobe has re-sampled the images to 40cm resolution instead of the 30cm resolution which the satellite acquires in. The relaxing of the restriction will take effect six months from now.

The WorldView-3 satellite is the most advanced commercial satellite every produced.

To view the first images acquired click here:

To download a copy:

14 Aug 2014

DigitalGlobe has announced the successful launch of WorldView-3, the company's sixth and most advanced super-spectral, high-resolution commercial satellite. The satellite launched on a Lockheed Martin Atlas V rocket from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California.

Worldview-3 will collect super-spectral imagery at 0.31m resolution. In addition, WorldView-3 will offer the most spectral diversity available commercially and will be the first to offer multiple shortwave infra-red (SWIR) bands that allow for accurate imaging through haze, fog, dust, smoke and other air-born particulates. The satellite is also the only satellite to offer CAVIS, a cloud, aerosol, water vapor, ice and snow atmospheric correction instrument, which monitors the atmosphere and corrects data for an unprecedented level of consistency.

The Atlas V rocket blasting off carrying WorldView-3.

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