18 Feb 2016

Create an innovative Hexagon Smart M.App that can change the world

Geoimage, a long term partner and reseller of Hexagon Geospatial products are pleased to announce the latest competition called IGNITE for Hexagon's new product called Smart 

A Hexagon Smart M.App is a cloud application that focuses on communicating information. These applications transform geospatial information into 360° business analytics and meaningful visualisations. 
By integrating the most up-to-date geospatial content, you can ensure that your app delivers time-sensitive answers. This game-changing platform has revolutionised the way we envision, experience and communicate geographic information.

IGNITE is a competition to create an innovative Hexagon Smart M.App that will solve real world issues in a smart, fresh way. You are invited to plan and build a dynamic information experience that provides an elegant solution to a mainstream, global issue.

You can submit ideas in one (or more) of these themes. The challenge addressed in your Hexagon Smart M.App should be easily understood and should capture significant attention and interest.

Choose from the following challenge themes:

  • Finance;
  • Food;
  • Safety; 
  • Infrastructure; 
  • Health;
  • Conservation
IGNITE Sessions: For guidance and hands-on experience with the Hexagon Smart M.App development environment, Hexagon will facilitate IGNITE Sessions across the globe between February 15 and April 15, 2016.

There are two sessions planned for Australia. 
Brisbane on the 2nd March 2016 at the QUT Garden Theatre or Melbourne on the 11th April 2016 at RMIT.

The prizes for this competition are:

$100,000 USD - First Prize
$50,000 USD - Second Prize
$25,000 USD - Third Prize
and $5,000 USD for the next top 17 entries, as well as continued revenue from sales of your application!

What a fabulous competition - so don't miss your chance to create an innovative Hexagon SMART M.App that can change the world!

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