20 Sep 2017

High Demand for Digital Elevation Models from Satellite

Geoimage is experiencing very high demand for Digital Elevation Model (DEMs) purchases, with our Mining, Oil and Gas clients opting to use satellite imagery wherever geospatial insights are required. 

Satellite can be considerably less expensive than LiDAR for DEM creation and environmental monitoring. This combined with the benefits of using 8 multispectral bands, DEMs can provide added analytic options for greater insights into your specific project requirements.

Today Geoimage can offer 50cm DEMs with 30cm resolution imagery, from anywhere around the globe, and the capacity to capture will soon double following the commercialisation of DigitalGlobe’s latest high-resolution satellite imagery by WorldView-4.

Geoimage's Geospatial Processing and Technical team specialises in DEMs creation derived from either archived stereo imagery, or can task a satellite to custom collect stereo data specifically over your area of interest. This speed of capture and the amazing accuracies obtained is good news for clients requiring detailed terrain information over any global location.

Some common uses of DEMs include:

  • Extracting terrain parameters
  • Operations management, identifying pit and stockpile changes
  • Calculating topsoil clearance and remediation requirements
  • Modelling water flow or mass movement (for eg. landslides, wall collapses)
  • Orthorectification of aerial photography or satellite imagery
  • Terrain analysis in geomorphology and physical geography
  • Engineering and infrastructure design
  • Line-of-sight analysis
  • Base mapping
  • Hydrological modelling – flood mitigation or watershed analysis
  • Environmental change application
  • Risk assessment.

DEMs can be delivered to you either as a Digital Surface Model – including vegetation, buildings and more, or as a Digital Terrain Model – removing trees and buildings to deliver a “bare earth” model. Multiple DEMs can also be compared to identify changes in volume, for example, stockpiles, tree canopy cover, pit size and clearance, and more.

Digital Elevation Models are an integral part of any geospatial analysis. Some of the benefits of using satellite imagery, include:

  • World wide availability without any access restrictions
  • Large area coverage
  • Resolution from very high to regional
  • Fast processing time
  • Low processing cost

Geoimage are experts in creating all types of DEMs from satellite imagery suited to your specific needs and requirements.

Learn how Digital Elevation Models can add real value to your business by calling Geoimage on 07 3319 4990 or by email.

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