Geoimage began operation in August 1988. The founders, Sylvia Michael and Bob Walker had both previously worked for Mount Isa Mines (Carpentaria) Exploration – Sylvia as the Computer Geologist and Bob as the Manager of Image Processing Services (IPS). The group started off in Bob’s garage which was quickly converted to an office, and with two Apollo Computers running Disimp Software from the CSIRO Div of Computing Research.

In Mid 1990, Geoimage was appointed one of the first re-sellers of ER Mapper and this began a successful partnership which continued until 2009 when ERMapper joined ERDAS.

In the mid 2000s, Geoimage was appointed a re-seller of Space Imaging (later GeoEye) IKONOS imagery. Raytheon subsequently became the re-seller of IKONOS and SPOT imagery in Australia until the end of 2006, at which stage AAMHatch was appointed the distributor of IKONOS and GeoEye-1, and SPOT distribution went back to SPOT Imaging Services.

In keeping with our continued commitment to evolving to deliver innovative solutions to clients, Geoimage joined Jensen Bowers in February 2015. The combination of the two companies and their innovative technologies and services will provide Jensen Bowers with a performance capability which no other company can currently match. Each business complements the other in products, service standards, culture and commitment to their communities. This synergy accelerates growth plans for both brands under the umbrella of a single organisation and we look forward to adding new chapters to the Geoimage history.

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