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Airbus Defence & Space Geo-Intelligence division has become a recognised world leader in the geo-information market, pooling together within a single operational organisation the expertise, capabilities and unmatched access to imagery and services of the former Spot Image and Infoterra. Airbus Defence & Space operates a multi-resolution / multi-sensor satellite constellation with the Pléiades and SPOT optical satellites and the TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X radar sensors to deliver ready-to-use and customised solutions to customers in sectors as diverse as agriculture, security & defence, land administration and resource management worldwide.

Airbus Defence & Space offers the most extensive range of satellite imagery on the market, providing imagery acquired by:

  • The Pléiades satellites,
  • The SPOT satellites,
  • TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X,

as well as partner satellites such as

  • FORMOSAT-2 and Deimos-1,

Their extensive portfolio spans the entire geo-information value chain, providing decision-makers with sustainable solutions to increase security, protect the environment and better manage natural resources in our changing world.

Backed by more than 25 years of experience, and with a worldwide presence through 20 offices and more than 100 distributors and partners around the globe, Airbus Defence & Space Geo-Intelligence division remains fully committed to continuously improving its services and solutions and contributing to the success of its partners and customers.

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