Planet designs, builds and operates the largest constellation of imaging satellites in history. Planet's mission is to image the entire Earth, every day and make global change visible, accessible, and actionable.

Planet moves quickly: in four years, Planet has successfully launched over 133 satellites, called “Doves”, tripled their imaging capability, and developed a cloud-based imaging platform that delivers satellite imagery the same day it was captured.

With the complementary Rapid Eye constellation, Planet has an image archive from 2009 and a network over one hundred partners around the world. With current launch schedules, Planet expects to reach a daily, whole-earth image in 2016.

In addition to creating a unique dataset of daily satellite imagery, Planet is revolutionizing the way geospatial imagery is processed, distributed and accessed. Planet is making its satellite data available nearly instantly via web-based APIs and an online catalog, capable of delivering terabytes of fresh data every day. 

Easily accessible, daily whole-Earth imaging is a unique new technology. Planet is a leading satellite imagery provider in agriculture, and serves customers in energy, domestic and international government, mapping, and business intelligence markets.

In addition to its large enterprise contracts, Planet is working with various NGOs on specific humanitarian projects, and has provided open data in support of disaster relief efforts. See “Responding to the Nepal Earthquake” at

The idea for Planet began when the founders met at a United Nations conference, thinking about how space could be used to help humanity. This spirit still pervades Planet—the team believes Planet’s global data set change the way we detect, understand and respond to global change.

See change. Change the world.


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