Banda Aceh, Indonesia after tsunami - ©DigitalGlobe 2013Dalrymple (Ikonos) ©DigitalGlobe 2013Dubai, United Arab Emerites - ©DigitalGlobe 2013Agricultural Area, South Australia - © DigitalGlobe 2013
Gas Plant Sample (Ikonos) © DigitalGlobe 2013Gold Coast, Australia (Ikonos) © DigitalGlobe 2013Mongolia,(Ikonos) - © DigitalGlobe 2013Uluru, Northern Territory (Ikonos) © DigitalGlobe 2013
Victoria Falls, Zambia (Ikonos) © DigitalGlobe 2013

On 24 September 1999, a new era in satellite remote sensing started with the successful launch of Space Imaging€۪s IKONOS satellite. IKONOS is the world's first high-resolution commercial satellite to offer 1-metre Earth imagery. Onboard sensors can point both along and across the satellite track, providing a revisit capability of 1-3 days.

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