Geoimage has significant experience services in the environmental markets in Australia and overseas. Some of our staff have degrees in environmental science, botany, ecology and marine science and all of our team have worked with ecologist, environmental managers and natural resource managers to offer imagery and geospatial solutions to assist in the decision making process.

Within Geoimage, we appreciate the need to offer sustainable solutions, to provide evidence-based reporting and back up decisions with clearly presented information. Imagery, from a wide range of sources, has been relied upon heavily to generate baseline reviews for environmental monitoring. Understanding the current situation, condition or extent of a feature and how that may have changed over time, forms the basis of trend analysis whether this is at a global, national, regional, or local level. At Geoimage, we understand the data that is used, can acquire that data, including time series sources for our clients and appreciate the need for between scene or between date calibration to offer the best option of generating a repeatable, defensible result.

Geoimage offers post processing and value added services to support clients operating in the natural environment, whether government, NGOs, private industry or landholders, including provision of data, technological structure and methodologies.

Just some of the initiatives that we can support include:

  • Monitoring vegetation change using multiple dates of imagery and change detection processes
  • Mapping flood extents and dam levels
  • Mapping sustainable development initiatives including vegetation rehabilitation
  • Delineating specific land covers, vegetation communities, land use activities
  • Forestry – monitoring tree growth and yields, plantation clearance rates, measuring extent of tree canopies
  • Analysing change over time to depict impact of drought on key habitats
  • Support for vegetation clearance approvals, environmental impact studies, environmental monitoring programs
  • Generation of spatial data holdings to assist in ecological assessments, flora and fauna studies and reporting
Dam changes shown © Geoscience Australia, 2007

Drought change indices in South East Queensland © Geoimage, 2010

Geoimage’s experience working with environmental and sustainability applications enables our team to offer advice and guidance on spatial data, including imagery, and how it can be manipulated to provide robust, repeatable and transparent outcomes for our clients.

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