ClearView™ Burkina Faso

Geoimage are pleased to announce the third product from their ClearView range.

ClearView Burkina Faso.

The ClearView™ Burkina Faso Landsat mosaic has been compiled from Landsat 7 ETM+ imagery and covers Burkina Faso and the surrounding area. The best dates for useable imagery in this area are after the end of the wet season in Sept-Oct and after the cropping has been completed and before the farmers start to burn off the stubble in the fields. This timing is variable and changes from north to south and so good consistent imagery is difficult to obtain.

Also available for Burkina Faso:

Geological image interpretation covering the granite-greenstone terrain of Burkina Faso, host to numerous deposits and occurrences of gold, copper, nickel, manganese, graphite and chrome.

The geological interpretation, to be undertaken by Nick Lockett & Associates in co-operation with Geoimage, will utilise Landsat 7 ETM+ imagery generated from Geoimage’s ClearView™ mosaic of Burkina Faso, incorporating a stereo model from SRTM DEM. Photogeological interpretation of pseudo stereo satellite imagery will be integrated with interpretation of 400m airborne radiometric and magnetic data to generate solid and surface geological interpretations at 1:100,000. The stratigraphy will be constrained and guided by ground truth information taken from existing 1;200,000 published geological mapping. The results of an orientation interpretation covering the Houndé SE quadrant are shown below as scans of manually drawn and coloured provisional maps. A large amount of detail of surficial and bedrock geology can be seen on the stereo Landsat imagery. The distribution of major geological units and structures in the orientation study departs significantly from that shown on the enlarged published geology.

The results of the study will be supplied as fully digital map sheets in MapInfo or ArcGIS format, covering approximately 30’x30’, with four 1:100,000 modules covering each published 1:200,000 geological sheet.

For further enquiries or to view the trial sheets in more detail contact Nick Lockett or your nearest Geoimage office.

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