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DigitalGlobe Basemap is an off-the-shelf product delivering baseline context that enables users to better understand and analyse specific geographies of interest, whether they be statewide, countrywide, regional, or global. Using complete, high-and-mid resolution, accurate orthorectified imagery coverage and providing continual updates, Basemap provides the most relevant imagery available to the market.

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  • The most accurate and up-to-date imagery available of all 500 million square kilometres of the planet's surface.


  • Provides users a complete imagery layer that enables bundling of project-specific information with other DigitalGlobe products.
  •  Leverages multiple data sources to provide seamless coverage of the Earth's surface with multiple zoom layers
  • GIS application-ready, which eliminates the time and cost associated with tasking and processing satellite imagery
  • Meets strict accuracy, currency and aesthetics required for planning, monitoring, and tracking change in defined areas of interest to provide highest quality result
  • Easy access available from anywhere in the world
  • Requires no tasking or traditional order processing, providing immediate off-the-shelf availability of imagery 
  • Minimising customer hosting and labour costs
  • Processing, updating and hosting provided entirely by DigitalGlobe
  • Imagery stays updated with high and mid resolution coverage expanding over time in order to provide the most relevant product possible
  • Hosted and served over a distributed cloud network, allowing access from anywhere in the world or hosted by customer enabling direct control of data access and security.
  • Fast, on-demand seamless integration using open standards simplifies existing GIS workflows and accelerates decision making
  • Tiered subscription options
  • Configurable product options offer a range of values which makes Basemap a truly customisable solution.

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