Boggy Index - Bowen Basin

Recent flooding had a major impact on businesses in the Bowen Basin area, as damaged roads and other infrastructure created transport and accessibility nightmares. Boggy soils made looking for alternative routes and the stability of pipeline one of the highest priorities.

With this in mind, Geoimage has developed a tool which aids companies make the right planning choice for the future.

The Boggy Index - Bowen Basin™ is a soil moisture vulnerability index designed for use in the following areas:

  • Improve your local area knowledge for project area context
  • Understand and plan for infrastructure risk susceptibility
  • Discover the best route or alternative route selection
  • Gain clarity when conducting a feasibility analysis or field site access selection
  • Plan field operations based on current climatic characteristics
  • Increase efficiencies in production time and help reduce the chances of your machinery and personnel being bogged out in the field
Planning pipeline routes using the Boggy Index

Location of the Bowen Basin and Boggy Index Products

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