ClearView™ Peru

ClearView™ Peru covers all of Peru and parts of Equador, Colombia and Brazil. The coastal zone and the Andes were prepared with predominantly Landsat 7 ETM+ pansharpened data while the vegetation covered Amazonian basin are about 50% Landsat 7 and 50% Landsat 5 as in this area it is very difficult to find scenes with low cloud and without haze. Minor amount of snow remain on the mosaic and these are predominantly areas of permanent snow cover. The mosaic includes the 6 multispectral bands at 15m resolution and is available as single or multiple tiles of 1:250k sheets (1.5deg by 1deg), million sheet tiles (6deg by 5deg) or the whole country mosaic. The data is available in WGS84 projection in the relevant UTM zone or in geodetic.

It is possible to spectrally process the imagery over the Andes south of about 8deg S however the Andes to the north of this and the Amazonian rain forest have too high a vegetation cover for spectral work. Because of the topographic relief in the area, structural interpretation using pseudostereo pairs works extremely well.

ClearView Peru

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