Geomatica Core/Prime

Loaded with updates and refinements, Geomatica 2013 allows you to complete larger projects in less time with fewer errors. Graphical snapshots clearly illustrate image overlap as well as Tie-point and Ground-control point identification. Potential issues with your data are flagged in the updated Project Overview Viewer to assess the quality and coverage of your mosaics before committing valuable person-hours to the job. Live updates now run globally across the software suite allowing you to track changes across multiple projects with a high level of confidence and the ability to achieve accuracy.

Geomatica Historical Airphoto

PCI Geomatics offers a customised solution to automate the correction of historical imagery. With it, users can properly prepare historical data and set up workflows that will create perfectly aligned and orthorectified mosaics for use in numerous GIS applications. Start realising the value of your vast archives of historical airphoto imagery today and turn hundreds of thousands of archive images into GIS ready digital mosaics.


Discover Interface

Geomatica Discover is a browser based data discovery tool that crawls your local or system drives to automatically create footprints for geospatial raster and vector data. The interface allows for map based or advanced text based querying, allowing customers to quickly and efficiently discover their data holdings to help organise production work.

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