TerraSAR-X was launched in 2007 and carries a steerable X-Band SAR sensor which provides a highly accurate, high resolution dataset.

TerraSAR-X is a commercial German synthetic aperture radar (SAR) Earth observation satellite which was launched in June 2007. The TerraSAR-X mission is a Public Private Partnership (PPP) between the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) and Europe's leading space company, EADS Astrium GmbH.

TerraSAR-X carries an X-band, steerable, SAR radar with single and dual polarisation options. There is an additional quad polarisation option for Mission specific captures. The satellite captures in 5 modes ranging from 1m (High Resolution Spotlight Mode) to 18.5m resolution (ScanSAR Mode). TerraSAR-X has revisit times varying from 2.5 days to 11 days depending on imaging mode.

In 2010, TanDEM-X (TerraSAR-X add-on for Digital Elevation Measurement) was launched. The TanDEM-X satellite is almost identical to the TerraSAR-X Satellite. Both satellites have been flying in close formation with only a few hundred metres separation (helix formation). Together they form the first configurable synthetic aperture radar interferometer in space.

The TerraSAR-X/TanDEM-X mission has been engaged in a synchronous data acquisition and coverage of the Earth's entire land mass was captured within 3 years. This has resulted in the production of the WorldDEM dataset comprising a 12m posting elevation model with a reported absolute relative accuracy of 10m.

Modes High Resolution SpotLight (Single/Dual)
SpotLight (Single/Dual)
StripMap (Single/Dual)
Wide ScanSAR
Staring SpotLight
Nominal Resolution High Resolution SpotLight (Single): 1m
High Resolution SpotLight (Dual): 2m
SpotLight (Single): 2m
SpotLight (Dual): 4m
StripMap (Single): 3m
StripMap (Dual): 6m
ScanSAR: 18.5m

Swath width High Resolution SpotLight (Single): 10km
High Resolution SpotLight (Dual): 10km
SpotLight (Single): 10km
SpotLight (Dual): 10km
StripMap (Single): 30km
StripMap (Dual): 15km
ScanSAR: 100km

Band X- Band
Polarisation High Resolution SpotLight (Single): HH or VV
High Resolution SpotLight (Dual): HH + VV
SpotLight (Single): HH or VV
SpotLight (Dual): HH + VV
StripMap (Single): HH or VV
StripMap (Dual): HH + VV or HH + HV or VV + VH
ScanSAR: HH or VV

Nominal Look Direction Right
Incidence Angle High Resolution SpotLight (Single): 20-55 degrees
High Resolution SpotLight (Dual): 20-55 degrees
SpotLight (Single): 20-55 degrees
SpotLight (Dual): 20-55 degrees
StripMap (Single): 20-45 degrees
StripMap (Dual): 20-45 degrees
ScanSAR: 20-45 degrees

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