Launched Oct 18, 2001 and decommissioned on January 27th 2015, the QuickBird satellite was the first in a constellation of spacecraft that DigitalGlobe has developed that offers highly accurate, commercial high resolution imagery of Earth.

QuickBird was a very high resolution satellite that was launched in 2001 and decommissioned on January 27, 2015. QuickBird was owned and operated by DigitalGlobe and collected image data down to a pixel resolution of 0.61 m.
The satellite simultaneously captured 0.61m panchromatic (black & white) and 2.44m multispectral (colour) digital imagery. The panchromatic and multispectral datasets are available separately or can be purchased as combined (pan-sharpened) 0.61m multispectral imagery. As the satellite has re-entered the Earth's atmosphere after completing its 13 year mission in orbit, no new capture requests can be taken, however archive imagery from this satellite is still available.

Resolution Panchromatic 61 cm (nadir)
Multispectral 2.44 m (nadir)
Swath Width 16.5 km at nadir
  • Pan: 450-900 nm
  • Blue: 450-520 nm
  • Green: 520-600 nm
  • Red: 630-690 nm
  • Near IR: 760-900 nm
Archive Availability Possible archive from 2002 - 2014
Programmable? No longer available
Minimum area of purchase 25 sq kms from archive (5 km x 5 km)

Minimum width 5 km
Minimum segment length 5 km
Stereo available? No
Largest Scale 1:2,000
Dynamic Range 11 bits
Applications Telecommunications
Land use and planning
Infrastructure planning
Environmental assessment
Marine studies
Mapping /Surveying
Civil Engineering
Utility corridor mapping
Natural Resources
Mining and Exploration
Oil and Gas

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