The RapidEye constellation of 5 sensors was launched on 29th August 2008. Since it’s inception RapidEye has offered users of satellite imagery from various applications with large area coverage, daily revisit times, high resolution imagery and additional multispectral capabilities.

Ground Sample Distance 6.5m (nadir)
Pixel Size 5m
Orbit Altitude 630 km in sun-synchronous orbit
Swath Width 77km
Image Capture Capacity 4 million sq km/day
  • Blue: 440-510 nm
  • Green: 520-590 nm
  • Red: 630-685 nm
  • Red Edge: 690-730 nm
  • NIR: 760-850 nm
  • Dynamic Range 12-bit pixel values
    Accuracy (No GCP's) 10m CE90s
    Archive Availability From 1st February 2009
    Programmable Yes
    Largest Scale 1:15,000 multispectral
  • Captures unprecedented volumes of imagery daily at 6.5m GSD
  • Daily revisit times
  • Each of the 5 sensors is identical in orbit and equipment on board
  • Contains multispectral imagery for analytical applications
  • Red Edge band has targeted sensitivity to changes in chlorophyll content.

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