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WorldView-2 was launched on Oct 8, 2009 in California. WorldView-2 was the first satellite to offer 8-band multi-spectral imagery with sub metre resolution, along with increased agility, accuracy and stereo capability.

On October 8th 2009, WorldView-2 was successfully launched from Vandenberg Air Force Base California and declared fully operational on January 6th 2010. This satellite is capable of collecting up to 975,000 sq km of imagery per day and effectively doubled the DigitalGlobe collection capacity.

The WorldView-2 system offers unsurpassed accuracy, agility, capacity and spectral diversity. WorldView-2 is distinctive in that it captures high resolution imagery with eight spectral bands, as compared to the usual four band satellite range.

With the additional four spectral bands, WorldView-2 offers unique opportunities for remote sensing analysis of vegetation, coastal environments, agriculture, geology and many others.

Resolution Panchromatic 50 cm TRUE* (at nadir)
Multispectral 2.0 m (at nadir)
* Resolution better than 50cm at nadir with 5m CE90 accuracy
Nominal Swath Width 16.4 km at nadir
Products Available as a 3 band, 4 band or 8 band product
  • Pan: 450-800 nm
  • Coastal: 400-450 nm
  • Blue: 450-510 nm
  • Green: 510-580 nm
  • Yellow: 585-625 nm
  • Red: 630-690 nm
  • Red Edge: 705-745 nm
  • Near Infrared 1: 770-895 nm
  • Near Infrared 2: 860-1040 nm
Archive Availability Possible archive from 2009 onwards
Programmable? Yes
Minimum area of purchase 25 sq kms from archive (5 km x 5 km)
100 sq kms depending on product chosen for Select Tasking
Minimum width 5 km
Minimum segment length 5 km
Stereo available? Yes
Largest Scale 1:1,500
Dynamic Range 11 bits per pixel

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