Mineral and Petroleum Exploration

Whether you are looking to delineate potential exploration targets, optimise planning by reducing risk through making more informed decisions, streamline asset and facility management or reduce expenditure via improved land management techniques, the use of satellite imagery and geospatial solutions from Geoimage can assist your company in achieving these goals.

Spatial information is valuable throughout all stages of the mining lifecycle. No matter what stage a company is at, Geoimage understands and is able to recommend and indtify the best data, advise on accuracy, scale, resolution and the requirement most appropriate for your specific needs. Geoimage provides valuable context and information content to your project and business. Our experts will assist you to get the best return on investment from satellite imagery and geospatial solutions.


  • Supports exploration in remote or hazardous areas
  • Easily adaptable to suit size and type of client area, commodity and requirements
  • Aids the process of area selection and site scale target generation
Download our brochure: Satellite Imagery a valuable tool for the Mining Industry

Geoimage Recommends:

  • Mid resolution data for the initial, broad-scale study
  • Higher resolution data for subsequent analyses
  • Integration of different datasets adds value and quality
  • Spectral analysis for lithological mapping
  • Stereo analysis of imagery with satellite-derived elevation models for structural mapping.

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