Topographical Services

Geoimage are experts in creating all types of digital elevation models from satellite imagery. Whether you require contours, modelling or visualisation, we believe we have the proven knowledge and experience to cover all your elevation needs.

Common uses of Digital Elevation Models include:

  • Extracting terrain parameters
  • Modelling water flow or mass movement
  • Creation of relief maps
  • Orthorectification of aerial photography or satellite imagery
  • Terrain analysis in geomorphology and physical geography
  • Engineering and infrastructure design
  • Line of sight analysis
  • Base mapping
  • Hydrological modelling - flood mitigation or watershed analysis
  • Environmental change application
  • Risk assessment

Singleton Mine

Benefits of using satellite imagery to create DEMs

  • Worldwide availability of satellite data without any access restrictions
  • Large area coverage
  • Resolution from very high to regional
  • Fast processing time
  • Low processing costs

- Infrastructure planning using DEMs


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